Monday, January 12, 2009


Princess M has several really beautiful dresses that she would never wear before because they were "scratchy" inside. Well, she has now discovered the magic of wearing a t-shirt underneath to solve the scratchy problem. She can very often be found wearing her princess dresses with random shirts underneath now (my favorite was the green camouflage under the pink princess dress.) And the shoes she chose to wear to church just finished the ensemble.

Oh the things a Daddy will do for the love of a princess.

These are actually my pj's, but it was Daddy turn to put M to bed, and she wanted to be matching. To get the whole experience, you need to now sing "Strawberry Jammies" (to the tune of "Raspberry Beret.")


Jamie said...

Too funny. You two are great parents to indulge your little princess.

Maryle said...

Strawberry looks good on Alex. He should wear it more often.

Mellysnelly said...

It cracks me up that you have such a girlie girl--as I recall you were quite the tomboy growing up?? What a cute fam!!

Rach said...

I am printing the picture of Alex to use as blackmail in the future. A little clever cropping and he won't be able to say that he was just doing it to appease his little girl =)!!!