Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm Back!

Wow, it's been a while; and wow, am I far behind.  I've been so intimidated at trying to catch up that I could never get myself to sit down and get started on it.  So here's my plan:  I'm going to start with just today, a short blog at that, and then each time I do a current blog, I will do an old post as well to get caught up; which I will be predating in my blog to when it should have been posted way back when (This is my journal by the way, and I would like it to be in chronological order in the end.)  So, if you care enough to try to follow along; you'll have to look for new posts not only in the most recent spot but also since last September.  Sorry for the hassle but really this blog is for me; and when I eventually print it into a book for my kids to look at, I'd like it to not be so confusing.

So what's most recent?  There haven't been any big events lately or anything, so I just thought I'd do a post on what dominates my life right now; and that would be my pregnancy.

This is me, as of today.  No, I'm not due next week.  I'm barely entering my third trimester in fact.  New baby boy Leahy is expected to arrive sometime late July.  Everything has been hunky dory so far in the pregnancy.  I am waddling like crazy and having a hard time getting off the floor already, but for the most part it's been really good.  Weather here has been in the eighties and is rising to the nineties this week; and boy can I feel it in this house.  By the time July finally gets here I just know I'm going to be melting.  We'll just have to take that one day at a time.

Baby boy is very active and likes to make himself felt, which is fun.  All of us are very happy to hear it would be a boy.  Even my girls all agreed that we have enough girls in our home and are ready for daddy to have a boy on his side.  It's just a little bit intimidating though.  I know how to mother girls.  We've had a lot of practice.  But a boy is going to be a whole new adventure.  It's good we'll get to ease into that one day at a time too.  

Little Mouse is not so little anymore.  She's finally sleeping in the other girls bedroom and actually stays there most nights all night long too.  So our bed is a lot less crowded these days.  Good thing because my body pillow that I need to sleep well now takes a large part of the bed and when this little boy does come, I do not want to deal with 2 children in the bed.  Now if we can just get her potty trained before July, that would be fantastic!