Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pink Eye, Yuch!

Well, it's official. Princess M has her first prescription worthy illness. She slept with me for most of the night because she wasn't feeling well and woke up half way through the night with her eye welded shut with the goopies (pus, eye buggers, or whatever you want to call them. They're gross all the same) It's actually a good thing she was in my bed at the time. When she couldn't open her eye she started to panic, and I was able to calm her down before it turned into hysteria. But I decided then and there to take her to the urgent care clinic today, and sure enough: Pink Eye.

The doctor on call was fantastic. He was very good with M, and afterwards she said to me, "Mom! He was NICE to me!" I guess she's accustomed to getting poked with needles when we see the doctor. And he did me the great favor of telling M that she is not allowed to go near Baby A for 4 days. Now, I don't have to be the mean mom who won't let her be with her baby. It's the DOCTOR that said so! It's so hard for her to remember, though. She loves to play with Baby A. She definitely accepts the doctor's authority better than she would mine, however.

And now we've got this nice gel to squirt in her eyes three times a day. She's been such a trouper about letting me pull her lids down and squirt the stuff in. It clouds up her vision for a bit; and I think it might sting a little; but she's been very compliant about the whole thing. Even when I told her we'd have to cancel church and going to friends and family's homes that we had planned. She was disappointed, but she didn't throw a fit. She just sadly accepted it. I'm very proud of how well she is dealing with this.

My poor little girl! Not feeling well, no swim class, no church, no friends, no family, can't even play with her sister, has to constantly wash her hands, get stuff squirted in her eyes, has a cold still on top of it all, and has to sit around watching movies all day for 4 days. (ok, she's going to love that last part.)

On a lighter note, I have a cute story to tell. We spent a lot of time in the car today with all the doctors, and pharmacies, and such. She likes to watch the lights and tell me when I should stop at the reds and go at the greens. Well, she was being a little slow on the call, and got mad at me when I would go before she told me to. I finally explained to her that other cars were waiting behind us, and if I didn't go when it turned green, they were going to get mad and honk at us. And we don't want the cars to get mad at us, do we? This is essentially what she said,:

"No we don't. Cuz then they might get us...they might get us outside the car, and, and,then they might take our car, and, and, leave us on the street, and, and we'll never go home again, and, and, we'll never see our daddy again, or our kitties! And that would be so sad!!!"

All because we waited too long at a light to go. Wow! I agreed with her; that would be VERY sad! Oh, but I love her imagination!


Dirk and Trish said...

Poor thing. You know the phrase "when it rains, it pours." Hope she feels better soon!
Kids' perspective is quite enlightening sometimes!

Tara said...

Oh poor M and poor mommy, too! Being cooped up for the next few day with Alex gone! If ya get too stir crazy, gimme a call! I'm always looking for some adult interaction, too! :) Even just to chat!