Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Free Online Backup

Due to the recent crash of BOTH of my computers in the last couple weeks I have finally researched and signed up for online storage. Something I have been meaning to do for a long time now.

Anyway the one we chose is Mozy Online Backup. They offer 2 gigabytes of free space (not just for a promotional period, like other providers I looked into) and unlimited space for a small monthly fee. The really cool thing is that it downloads a program to your computer that automatically backs up everything once a day (or more often if you want). So once you set it, and tell it what you want backed up, it will automatically scan your computer every day for new content and back it all up with out your even having to think about it.

I called my Microsoft certified, computer geek, brother to ask him about the program. He loves it, uses it, and says it's very easy to retrieve files if needed. So with that piece of mind, I want to recommend the program to any of you who have ever thought that maybe they should be backing up their computer now and then.

Having recently had 2 computers crash, I can tell you there's nothing quite like thinking you've lost everything. I keep all our family pictures, personal journals, professional documents, thousands of mp3s, and countless other files on those computers. Luckily, I didn't lose anything with these recent crashes, but I can tell you, I'm not taking the chance again.

Besides all that, it's easy & FREE!! The first 2 gigs anyway. And what's more if you say I referred you to Mozy than we BOTH get an extra half gigabyte of free space! Just use the link below to sign up, or reference my code: 9LZ32I during your set up process.


Thank you for using us as a reference and for reading our shameless promotion. ;)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Single Strand

One last thing. Today we had a little baby scare. We were at church and Alex noticed that one of A's socks was missing. Oh well, no big deal. But about an hour later in Sunday School, I was looking at her little foot, keeping it warm with my hand and started picking out the sock lint stuck between her toes. Upon closely inspecting her foot in this way, I realized that what initially looked like just chubby baby rolls on her toes was really pieces of hair/string that was wrapped tightly around three of her toes. It wasn't cutting off circulation just yet, but I could see how it could very easily in very little time.

I quickly engaged the help of my sister in law out in the hall to remove the tightly bound lint/hair from her tiny toes. This is harder than it sounds. We had to immobilize her foot all the while she was kicking and screaming, in order to pick it out with our fingernails. it was too tight to slip a pen tip under and I was too scared to get too close to her foot with the pocketknife someone generously provided, with her kicking so. I'm sure that pulling on the hairs in order to break them must have really hurt her little toes, and the middle toe that took the longest to extricate still bears an angry red mark where the hair was twisted.

Of course a scene like this draws attention. Apparently this is not a completely rare occurrence. One lady told us how her nurse/sister told her stories of babies who had this very thing happen and had to have their toes amputated because it wasn't caught in time. I can see how easily that could happen. Especially in winter when her feet are covered with socks or booties all the time. And the poor little dears can't just tell you what's wrong. I never would have thought before to check the toes of a colicky baby, but I can tell you, I'll be checking Baby A's toes a lot more often now.

It's scary to think of how fragile the human body really is; especially these adorable little babies' bodies. That a single strand of hair could cause them to lose a couple toes. I'm just sooo grateful for a lost sock that allowed us to find the problem in time.

Lost Momentum

Well, it finally happened. My computer died. It's been on the way out for a while, so it wasn't too big of a surprise. Luckily the hard drive was still available and alex had an old laptop I could use and transfer all the really important stuff to, until I could get my computer up and running again. However, as luck would have it, just as I got the info transferred and the laptop ready for use, it died too.

I was so proud that I had gotten into a regular habit of blogging, and then I was cut off. Now I've had the laptop back for over a week and I haven't blogged anything in over a month. Not for a lack of things to say. Let me just fill in the highlights with a few of the best pictures.

Halloween was fun. M had been looking forward to it for over a month. She wore a tinkerbell outfit to the ward party and chose the pumpkin again for trick or treating. She and Alex had a blast going home to home, and she came home with an entire bucket full of candy.

She especially developed an affinity to skeletons this year (thanks to "The Nightmare before Christmas". So much so that she chose to have Halloween again for her birthday party. It made for cheap supplies when I could buy all the stuff for her party the day after Halloween. We served lots of spooky treats and all the kids came in costumes. Everyone had a great time. And M is now 3 years old.