Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Great Wall!

For some reason, Alex can't post to the blog from China; so here's what he sent me to post for him:

We went to the Great Wall of China today! I’ve been excited about going to the Wall ever since I started making plans to catch up with my mother and brother there.

After taking a bus out to the site (the part of the Wall we visited was known as Badaling, a rather built up, commercialized spot), we paid our 40 yuan each (about seven bucks) and started making our way along the sinuous lines of the Wall. The Wall was over 2000 miles long at one point, but much of it has fallen into disrepair and is nothing more than a snaking pile of dirt.

We spent about two hours walking along, climbing up and down the Wall before we got to what was the top of that part. After snapping a few pictures, we made our way over to a handy cable car and took it down. I kinda felt like my brother and I were cheating by not hoofing it back down, but the view was enjoyable and I would do it again and recommend it to others.

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