Sunday, October 23, 2011

October Randomness

Just a few random photos.

Here's my fall table center, complete with fresh roses from my front bush.  Aren't they gorgeous?!

Banana Girl wanted to cuddle with someone as she fell asleep.  Princess M was happy to oblige.  It just warms my heart when they care for and love each other.  

On the pet front, we finally sold the last puppy.  Horray!  
Bad news is that Princess M's goldfish that she got from the family fun fair, only 2 day ago, died today.  We've been warning her since she first got it that goldfish die easily, but she was still pretty broken up.  I walked in the room and she tells me, "Mom, I've been praying to Heavenly Father that my fish will come alive again."  And then she burst into tears.  What do you say to that?  Sometimes the answer is just "No."  I may have to go buy a goldfish sometime with her this week.  

We did, however, brighten up the day with a little toesie painting.   
Our happy fall toesies look like gilded Reeces Pieces.  They're great!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rachael's the Best!

Here they are: the long awaited family pictures from July!  Enjoy!!!

She's a Crawler!

 See Little Mouse.
  See Little Mouse Come.
Come, Little Mouse, Come!
 See Little Mouse Go.
Good Job Little Mouse!!!

(Pictures Courtesy of Princess M)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Speaking of Small Pox...

Alex and I have been watching a TV miniseries called "John Adams," that aired some long time ago.  Great show, very interesting to see the dramatization of the events that brought about the autonomy of our country.  They show the political debates that the colonies went through at that time.  It's a miracle that they were ever able to get a unanimous vote, (or 12 of the 13 colonies to all vote for independence; NY abstained in case you don't remember.)

Anyway, they showed the the small pox that was running rampant throughout the continental army and Abigail Adams' concern that they might contract the deadly disease.  What a horrible, terrifying disease that was.  I guess I always imagined the small pox as something similar to the chicken pox, only deadlier.  Oh, no!  There was nothing "small" about these pox.  No mild little red spots like the chicken pox, but terrible scarring huge pockets of puss everywhere, just like a really ugly winter squash.  I can't even imagine having to nurse my own child in such a condition without completely breaking down.  Thank Heaven above that that horrible disease has been eradicated!

So yeah, it was a very small part of the show, but the image of how they "inoculated" Abigail and her children against the disease still amazes me.  The doctor seriously just made a cut in her arm and then shoved into her a wad of puss that he had extracted from one of the huge pox on the man in the cart outside dead of the disease.  Well, of course they're all going to get sick from that!  And although I read that it was still a legitimate way to avoid contracting the disease; I don't understand how that can be any better than just hanging out with the diseased people and contracting it that way.  It was no weakened strain of the disease, but the full blown, active killer that he shoved into their bodies.  It just seamed so barbaric.

I'm very very very grateful for modern medicine!  And yet I wonder what we do today that people will think of as barbaric a couple hundred years from now.

It's Fall!

Officially anyway.  The days are still hot here, and there's no leaves changing or anything.  However, the nights have cooled off quite a bit, and all the monsoon rains have stopped.  

Anyway, I picked up some fall decor this week: some mini pumpkins of different colors, a couple winter squash that look like they have the small pox, and several ears of Indian corn.  You know, those multicolored ears that are all dried up and last forever, because they are hard as a rock.

They're so pretty, and they make it feel like fall, even though the weather does not.  I'm excited to get the rest of the fall decor out now.

However, I read online another thing you can do with Indian corn besides decorate, and I just had to give it a try:

Popcorn on the cob!!!  You just spray them with cooking oil, place in a paper sack and put in the microwave until it stops popping.  It worked perfectly.  My girls loved it!  I think we just found a new fall tradition.

Happy Fall, Everyone!