Friday, January 23, 2009


Well, two days down without Alex and it hasn't been too bad. I did make the mistake of reading a real live ghost story on a friend's blog last night right before going to bed. (The blog is linked on the side in my good reads section "Easily Amused" if you'd like to read a good ghost story; kinda creapy) Boy, was I missing my sleeping buddy after that, let me tell you. The house is so empty at night when he's gone. And my imagination goes crazy on me.

M has fallen a little sick, nothing very serious, just enough to make her wheeze a little and be VERY emotional. On the plus side, she didn't fight me at all on taking a nap today. So I got a lot done (cleaned) while my two girls slept. I must say the house is looking absolutely fantastic! (except my office, I'll get to that tomorrow maybe.)

We've been including in all our prayers a request to keep Daddy safe. M insists on making "on the airplane" part of the phrase. I explained to her today that Daddy isn't on the airplane anymore. That he's in China now. Seeing the complete lack of understanding on her face, I told her China was the land that Mulan was from. That Daddy was in Mulan's land and will see the funny buildings, fireworks, dragons, and all the neat stuff that's in the movie. She really grasped on to that! And everything has been "Mulan" today. In fact the movie is playing even now as I type. I heard her talking to her Mulan doll today about her Daddy being there. It was really cute.

I also told her that Daddy had gone to see Grandma Lynda and Uncle Mike for a while. She says, "But I want to see Grandma Lynda too!" I know how you feel, M. Believe me, I want to go too.

Alex, if you read this post, I think a cute Chinese doll would be very well received by your daughter when you come home. And lots of pictures of Mulan's land. We miss you; have fun; and take care.

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Rach said...

And Alex, if you're reading this, a cute Chinese something would be very well received by your brother and sister-in-law. =)