Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Been a Long Week

I was on a roll there for a while. My new (new to me anyway) laptop started having a hard drive problem, so I became computerless again.

Also, I began a new job this week. I'm doing accounting work for a computer technology company here in town. They're a really great bunch of people, and I'm really enjoying the job so far. It's only part time, so I don't have to be away from Princess A for too long. I must say though that it's nice to feel needed professionally again.

Alex has been discovering that Mr. Mom is not as easy as he would have thought. Especially since Baby A will not take a bottle. So he's pretty much helpless when she gets hungry near the end of my shift. He, however, left today on an airplane for China, to meet up with his mom and brother for a 10 day trip (which just happens to include the Chinese New Year!) Lucky Dog! I'm thoroughly jealous, but I wish them a fun and safe trip. And meanwhile, I'll need to work out babysitters for when I need to go into work. Thankfully, it is not everyday.

Alex took the camera with him to document this wondrous trip; so there won't be any photos on the blog for a while. He did say he MIGHT post an entry or two about his trip, so maybe there will be a few pictures then.

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