Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sweet Moments

Wow, so much has happened in that past couple weeks.  (Hence the lapse in blogging.)

First of all, we had our bi-annual Sherwood family reunion this year in Bozeman, Montana.  Unfortunately, I was not able to locate my camera the entire week, so I don't have any photos to post here.  However; fortunately, I have 2 sisters who are amazing at taking pictures, and taking lots of them, so I'll post some of the photos they took of our family in the next post.  We took the opportunity to have my amazing sister, Rachael, take some professional photos of the kids and our family.  She found this beautiful meadow of wildflowers for us to photo in.  So far this is the only photo she has posted of the "sitting."
Isn't it wonderful?  I can't wait to see the rest.

Anyway, with or without pictures, we had a great time hanging out with family for a whole week, without the distractions of cell phones or the Internet.  The girls had a ball playing with their cousins all week!  It's amazing how much everyone grows up in 2 years.  A great big "Thank You!" to Kurt and Sandy for planning the reunion this year. 

Almost immediately after returning back to Arizona from Montana, we found out that one of our rentals here in Sierra Vista had actually been vacant for a month, unbeknown to us.  After thinking it through, and doing the math, we decided it would be a good idea to move into it ourselves for a while.  So the past week, we've been packing, moving across town, and unpacking again. 

The girls have been troopers all week, but the whole process is just exhausting.  I came across these two sleeping side by side in the bed one evening.  It was just so sweet, thinking of how I can remember when my oldest girl on the left, used to be the baby sleeping in the bed, and how much and how fast she has grown up.  

We moved far enough across town to need to change schools where Princess M will attend Kindergarten.  Since school started the Monday after our move, the Kindergarten classes were full in the school just around the corner, so we put her on the waiting list in the 3rd spot.  So while all the other kids started school, Princess M stayed home.  After 2 days of trying to unpack amidst constant bickering between her and Banana Girl, I went ahead and put her in a school across town until we could get a call from the school we wanted.  The drive across town twice a day was worth the peace in the house during the day though.  And she absolutely loved being in school! 

It's amazing how a little distance has helped the girls' relationship too.  Banana Girl misses Princess M during the day, and they play much more nicely together at home now.  And 2 days ago I got the call from the charter school, that they are creating a new Kindergarten class for all the kids on the waiting list.  In the process, they are pulling some of the kids out of the existing classes to put in the new class, including 2 of Princess M's good friends from Preschool.  Class starts tomorrow, and Princess M can't wait!  I need to remember to take a "First Day of School" photo of her in the morning. 

As I mentioned, the older girls are playing much nicer together now.  This afternoon, Princess M pulled out her ballet costumes, dressed up Banana Girl, and proceeded to teach her ballet.  It was adorably cute. 

My 3 princesses sitting side by side.