Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just Cuz

What to blog about? I'm sitting thinking about what to write. No long stories to tell today. Several small snippets of going ons. Maybe this will just have to be a very random post.

M must have a radar connection to Baby A. I was putting her to bed, and M was being very good and waiting quietly in her room for me to come cuddle. Baby A was slowly closing her eyes, drooping, drooping, and finally closed for good and "BANG!" the bedroom door suddenly slams for no reason whatsoever. Holding my temper at bay, I go explain to M that Baby A is falling asleep so we need to be QUIET; and go back to starting over getting my infant to sleep. It takes longer but finally once again, she closes her eyes in what promises to be a deep slumber... "MOM!!! I GO PEE PEE AND POO POO!!" (Her way of asking/screaming for a wipe.) Have mercy, child!

Despite her tendency to interrupt peaceful slumber, M really is a great big sister. Especially, now that Daddy is gone, M has been a real help; from fetching diapers and blankets, to choosing clothes for the baby, to entertaining Baby A while Mom takes a shower. She loves it when Baby A will smile or giggle at something she did. If she notices that Baby A is asleep, she'll come whisper to us that we need to be quiet, and get mad at me when I tease her by talking loudly. ;) My, how she loves to use all my scolding phrases against me. I know she can't wait until Baby A is old enough to eat solids, so that she can feed her too.

I can't wait until Baby A is a little bigger and they will be able to play together. I only hope that this loving and protecting feeling will grow between them as they grow older. It just melts my heart to see it now.

On the eastern front, Alex was in China for the Chinese New Year today (or was it last night?) Anyway, I'll bug him to get on the blog and write about it; hopefully with a few pictures.

You know sometimes it seems that all I ever say is "NO!" to my daughter. Sometimes I feel like the biggest wet blanket on earth. I've been trying to loosen up a bit and really think about some of her requests, and decide if they are really important to deny. I've been having a lot of fun smiling, and saying a big "Yes!" to some of her requests. Especially when you can tell she wasn't expecting her mother to give in. I invariably get a surprised and sincere, "Thank you so much!" from my sweet little girl.

I really love being a Mom! Even if it does mean that I'll have to wait to go to China myself until a later time in life, when there aren't infants that completely rely on me and no one else for their needs. It's definitely worth it!

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Sarah said...

I've learned that I can say "yes" without giving in to whatever my son wants whenever he wants it. For example, if he asks for a cookie (that he saw me baking for our neighbor), I can say yes. Yes you may have a cookie after lunch. He gets what he wants, and I get him to eat a nutritious lunch before he gobbles down a cookie.

This works for LOTS of things!!! It's great!