Sunday, March 22, 2009

Because I didn't have enough to do

I've been a little removed from the blogging world for a bit now; mainly because of the time of year. Yep, I've finally decided to get my rear in gear and finally get the books in order, so I can prepare our LLC tax return, so I can assemble everything we need, so I can prepare our individual tax return. So I can move on with life... I've been putting it all off for a while now, but the end of March is drawing closer; it's time to knock it out. Poor Alex is footing most of the house work right now, because I'm camped out in front of the computer ALL day. Good news is, I think we should be getting a fairly good sized refund, so hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

On a funner note, I've decided to add one more thing to my schedule: just a little girls' morning in time. If you're like me, you have several just-started or half-done craft projects that I never make time to get to. Well, they say the best way to accomplish things is scheduling and accountability. So I'm hereby announcing to everyone that every Wednesday, from 10am to noon, I will be having craft time in my home. Anyone is welcome to come, craft, and chat with me. Bring your unfinished projects (scrapbooking, knitting, bows, sewing, painting, whatever floats your boat!) Or not, just come to shoot the breeze! I'm hoping this will be a fun way to give me some incentive to remember to just sit down and do it. I'll provide some snacks and hope some of you take me up on my invitation.

On a side note: Baby A can sit up now (as long as nobody distracts or startles her into falling down) and we started her on her first solids this week. We have a little tradition that they get to eat their first solids from a silver bowl and spoon that their grandmother gave us. We pulled out the bowl and spoon, washed them up good, and were all excited to give her her first tastes.

She was so funny. She's not taking to the new flavors very well. I started with green beans; she made a horrible face, pursed her lips, dry heaved a little, and wouldn't eat anymore. I tried carrots next and she actually threw up the second I put some in her mouth. More dry heaves and faces when I tried rice cereal, first plain, then mixed with peaches for flavor. Even after moving on to sweeter items like sweet potatoes and pears, she hasn't been thrilled. (She's really got that gagging reflex down!!) After a couple days, she will now swallow little tastes of sweet potatoes and pears. Still can't get her to take a whole spoonful, but we're working our way up to it. Baby steps... And I thought she'd be so thrilled to try solids (like her sister before her!) I hope this doesn't mean we're in for a very picky eater.

Can you see how very unexcited she is? And this shot was a "good" day with sweet potatoes!

There's my happy girl!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Camera!

So, my birthday was yesterday and my dear husband bought me a new camera! Not that the old one was terrible, I was just getting irritated that it couldn't take a non-blurry picture with the flash turned off, and it ate batteries for breakfast. The new one is sleek looking and comes with great reviews (for a point and shoot that is). I'm excited to learn how to use all the features.

Here are the first shots with the new toy:

This is the compromise cake: (I asked Alex to make his famous chocolate mousse pie, and Princess M wanted a "Bider Cake"; The result was delicious!)

After doing M's princess hair, I decided to try a style out on myself for my birthday. Having short hair limited my options to some of the baby hairstyles I've seen. This was a knotted clippy thing (looked cuter in person).

Remember Princess M's day-after hair?:

This was mine:

Yeah, I'm crazy to be posting this. It's the stuff blackmail is made of.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Holy Roller

Two days ago Baby A became mobile. She's now very accomplished at rolling over both from front to back and vise versa. Gone are the days of setting her down and turning your back for even just a little bit. Look out world!