Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Quick note before bed

Has it really been an entire month since I last posted anything? I guess so. I've actually taken several pictures in that time that I intended to post and blog about, but then I had some issues with my computer reading my new memorycard, and then I just got swamped with work. Things have finally let up a little, and I just had a really sweet bedtime with my oldest daughter.

Usually bedtime ends up in an arguement and threats on what will happen if she gets out of bed one more time... but not tonight. We had a pajama party tonight after putting the baby to bed. We pulled out the old foot spa and gave each other pedicures and watch a cute movie together. Then after the usual bedtime routine, we read a couple fairy tales together (red riding hood and jack & the beanstock) and had the sweetest little talk about what she's going to do when she grows up and gets married. Apparently when she marries Prince A (another little 4 year old in our ward) he's going to build her a house right next to mine so she can still come visit me with her kids, and it's all going to be up on a hill. Oh and she's asked me to go talk to his mother about it, because they are going to be moving to Alaska soon and she wants him to know that she's going to marry him.

And then she said goodnight and just went to sleep. No fights or anything. It was really a time to treasure.

I'm very grateful tonight. Gratefull for my beautiful and sweet daughters. Grateful for the priveledge of being their mother. Grateful for the quiet, sweet moments that we can share when I'm not too worried about getting back to work. Grateful that we'll be going to the airport in the morning to pick up my wonderful husband; I've missed him so. Grateful that Banana Girl did so well on her first day in nursery today. Grateful that she's old enough to go to nursery. And grateful for little girly giggles that come so easily from both of my girls when I take the time to be a good mother.

We have our challenges just like everyone else, but really... Life is Great! and I'm grateful.