Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Goose Eggs and a Pike in the Water

We had quite the exciting morning today. We were going to go work out at the YMCA, which means that M & A get to go to the child watch (M calls it her exercise class and she loves it!) And on top of that we decided to go swimming afterwards so M could practice her new swimming skills. (She just started swim lessons last Saturday. She's in the "Pike" class.) M was so excited this morning when I told her the plan that she took off like a shot down the hall to get dressed. A couple minutes later I heard her tearing down the hall again back towards my room, and then a sudden, very loud "THUNK!" My first instinct was to laugh; but luckily, I held it in, because it turned out to be a real doozie of an injury.

Look at those tears!

Look at that goose egg!

After an appropriate amount of cuddling and icing down the goose egg, she was still determined to go to the YMCA. We went and had a great time. M has always been a fish in the water with absolutely no fear. She's learning her skills very quickly and very well. We're so very proud of her. I'll have to get a picture of her in her class this Saturday.


Jamie said...

Holy moly that is a huge bump. I didn't even notice it at the gym, though. She sure bounces back fast!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, her bangs cover it up pretty good. I was afraid the YMCA was going to feel obligated to question her for possible child abuse. Figured it'd be best to let her tell the story herself.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad i'm not the only one who takes photos of my kids injuries

Sarah said...

Oh, such a SAD face!! Glad to hear (and see) that there wasn't any blood! Mr. B rarely has accident that doesn't include blood!

Tara said...

Holy cow! That's HUGE!!! I remember that sound of laughter running down the halls, then thunk! On Morgan's 2nd b-day that happened and she ended up needing 6 stitches!! Poor M...I bet she had one heckuva headache!