Sunday, July 17, 2011

No Pics

I really need to start pulling out my camera again.  I haven't taken a picture in ages.  We went to Colorado for Alex's job for two weeks, visiting family, watching the fireworks for the 4th, and just having a great time; and I didn't ever touch the camera.  Little mouse is now 4 months old, and I didn't take a single picture of her 3rd month of life. 

What a joy she is though.  Overall, she's been a very content baby.  She's just now starting to giggle at certain things, and the older girls just love making funny faces, trying to coax out a laugh.  They're all really sweet to her.  In general, she's happy as long as someone is paying her attention and talking to her.  Now that I've said that though, I should mention that late nights are not good for her.  Alex and I went to see Harry Potter last night (very good!) and she screamed the whole time we were gone.  I felt really bad for the poor babysitter.  She just will not go to sleep without me there with her.  I do really love laying beside her while she sleeps though.  It's so sweet to gaze at a sleeping baby. 

The people we've been staying with bought a fairly good sized swimming pool while we were gone.  The girls have been enjoying having a place to swim nearly every day.  Little Princess and Banana Girl got to attend the Vacation Bible School that our friend was in charge of this past week.  They really enjoyed all the activities, and I enjoyed having a few hours to get things done in the morning.

Oh, other great news is that I got my first listing, after starting up real estate again in Sierra Vista.  This next week will be plenty busy getting everything going  and self sustaining before we leave for a week to our family reunion in a week.  (of course that's sure to be the week that everything goes haywire.)  We're very grateful to the Lord and good friends for looking out for us.