Sunday, February 21, 2010

Changes are afoot

If you're a member of our ward, than you already know what I'm going to blog about today. I got a new calling today. I had to say goodbye to my class of 10 year old boys and girls (Or in their words, I was "fired"), which I must say I'm really going to miss. They are a really good group of kids; smart, participatory, and really a lot of fun to teach. They're at that age when they're old enough to really understand doctrines and ponder different issues, but they're still young enough that a lot of what we talk about is still "new" to them, and they still volunteer to help and share their ideas, and participate. And the lineup of lessons for this year is from the Old Testament; so a lot of really cool stories that someone else is going to get to explore with them. It makes me just a little sad (even though I must admit I dreaded preparing a lesson every week; I'm not going to miss that part.)

My new calling is actually not that far removed from the old, and yet so very different. They've asked me to serve as the second counsellor in the Primary presidency. I know enough to know that I SHOULD be overwhelmed right now; but the fact is that I don't know enough to actually be overwhelmed...yet. I haven't served in a leadership position in the church since I was a Mia Maid in the class presidency; and I'm pretty sure this is going to be just a little bit more involved.

So right now I'm in a little cloud of "sure whatever"ness. I got to meet the rest of the presidency today and they're fantastic women, with whom I'm really excited to be working. We got to attend a stake leadership meeting today and I've got meetings starting to line up with the old second counsellor and the new presidency and such. And overall I just have this sense of impending responsibility that I just have no idea what to expect, and there's just no way to even imagine what this will entail until we just start doing what we need to do.

So I'm going to enjoy these couple days of calm before the storm of responsibility and schedule demands. I know the Lord is in charge of this Church, and if this is where He wants me to serve Him, He will help me to do the best I can, and then make up the difference through His infinite love and understanding of His children. There's a lot of peace in the knowledge that this is His work, and I just need to be a good tool in His hand.

I'm grateful for my incredible husband, who already has shown immense support and confidence in me. I truly am blessed to have him by my side. Truly, Life IS Good!

Friday, February 19, 2010

What do the following have in common?

Applesauce smeared into the carpet
Cat poop on the love sac
Hairspray on the computer
Crayon all over the tv screen
Broken Christmas ornament
Cat pee on my clothes
Cat itself completely soaked in Hairspray
Broken lightbulb (still in the socket)
Lost computer mouse
Ruined surprise for a handful of birthday/easter/christmas presents
Not to mention screaming fits & tantrums

Can you guess?

They are all things my precious Princess M has accomplished in the past couple HOURS! Not days...not weeks...HOURS!! I'm so mad, I can barely write this without steaming up the room. All I can say is she better stay quiet in her room for a nice LONG time this afternoon.

"Mommy, can I have a candybar?" Yeah right!

Update: We can add stolen candybar to the list now too.