Friday, September 30, 2011

Does that really happen outside of Leave it to Beaver?

So it's dinnertime and I made the mistake of asking for a volunteer instead of just choosing someone to say the prayer:

Me:  "Dinner's ready!  Everyone up to the table please!  Who would like to say the blessing?"
Both girls in unison:   "ME!!!"

Now this is the point where the house would usually erupt into shouts of accusation about who said it last time and lobbying for their case.  However, just as I was stealing myself up to break up a fight and impose the iron decision of Mother to settle the issue, I heard this from my younger princess:

Banana Girl: "(Princess M), you can say the prayer if you want to."
Princess M: "Thank  you, (Banana Girl)!"
Banana Girl: "Welcome."
Princess M: "You can say the night prayer, if you would like."
Banana Girl: "Thanks!"
Princess M: "You're welcome."

Who are you?  and what have you done with my kids?  ...And can I keep you forever?  It made my night.

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Maryle said...

Awesome! It's moments like these that make all the other moments that are not quite this nice worth it.