Sunday, September 25, 2011

Roses & Teeth

Here's a few pictures I meant to post last week, but didn't get around to it. 

One of the things I love about the home we're living in now is the many rose bushes throughout the front and back yards.  Although when we moved in they were wild, overgrown, and about spent for the season for lack of care.  So as part of the massive yard cleanup, we really pruned back all the rose bushes and gathered up the last few roses to put in vases in the house.  Here's Princess M with her favorite:
Isn't it gorgeous!!!
I'm sure those bushes were very angry at us for cutting off so much of their hard earned growth, but the first bush that we pruned back 3 weeks ago is now full of new growth and has over a dozen little buds.  It's going to be amazing with they bloom; and the rest should probably follow suit not too long after.  I'm planning another hard pruning come January when they are dormant and more suited to pruning. 

The other exciting picture is this strange one of Little Mouse.  It's hard to see, but last Sunday, a lady at church spotted a little white tooth in there.  On bottom, to the right. 

My Little Mouse is growing up. 

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