Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's Fall!

Officially anyway.  The days are still hot here, and there's no leaves changing or anything.  However, the nights have cooled off quite a bit, and all the monsoon rains have stopped.  

Anyway, I picked up some fall decor this week: some mini pumpkins of different colors, a couple winter squash that look like they have the small pox, and several ears of Indian corn.  You know, those multicolored ears that are all dried up and last forever, because they are hard as a rock.

They're so pretty, and they make it feel like fall, even though the weather does not.  I'm excited to get the rest of the fall decor out now.

However, I read online another thing you can do with Indian corn besides decorate, and I just had to give it a try:

Popcorn on the cob!!!  You just spray them with cooking oil, place in a paper sack and put in the microwave until it stops popping.  It worked perfectly.  My girls loved it!  I think we just found a new fall tradition.

Happy Fall, Everyone!

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Don said...

That's awesome!