Sunday, September 25, 2011

Princess M's Art Gallery

Princess M has always liked to draw.  I remember when she first started purposefully coloring (not just scribbling) and I showed her how I draw a smiley face.  She took to it right away and started asking me how to draw other things.  It may have seemed mean, but I wouldn't show her anything else.  I didn't want her to feel there was only one right way to draw.  So I told her that she could draw things however she wanted to; and I was surprised when she actually accepted that answer and decided to go draw things on her own.  I've loved watching her try new things and expressing the way she sees the world through her drawings.  It began mostly with stick figures, flowers, and eventually rainbows as you can see in this picture from June:
Now that she's in Kindergarden she brings how a LOT of papers.  A lot are worksheets or coloring pages that she has colored.  But my favorites are still her freestyle drawings that show how she's learinging to express different ideas in pictures.  Here's my favorites:

These are her ruetines: See if you can figure them out.  (Morning: make her bed, eat breakfast, get dressed and got to school.  Afternoon: ride a bike, eat dinner, jumping, and ballet.  Night: go to bed.  and her favorite: to watch movies.)

These are 2 monkeys jumping on the bed

Things she likes: butterfly balloons, sun, sky and birthday cake.

Scary things: Spiders and snakes.

Things she doesn't like: rattlesnakes, bees, and tornadoes.

A self portrait. (I saw this and said, "Wow! someone has big teeth"  M replied, "Mmm, that's me."  Oops.  I tried to backpeddle; not sure how successfully.)

The right side of this is a picture of herself helping someone who fell down. 

I might be a little biased, but I just love them!

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