Sunday, September 4, 2011

A little catch up

Is August really over?  Wow time is flying by!  Between working real estate, unpacking a house, repairing same house (it was a real wreck when we moved in) taking care of 3 princesses, and starting a new job, time has really flown.  Here's the few pictures I found on my camera from the last month:

Princess M started Kindergarten the beginning of August.  She's doing great.  Here's a photo of her first day of school in her new uniform.

She's practicing to be a professional model photographer.  I found her in the kitchen with the camera, showing her little sister how to pose (she would place her hands, lift her arms, and tilt her head to get exactly what she wanted from her sister,) and then step back to take a picture of her subject.  Here are some of her shots:

All she needs now is to drop a few lines like, "work it baby" and "love the camera"  and she'll be a true professional.

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