Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Double Birthday!!!

Yesterday was Alex and Banana Girl's Birthday!

We had a busy day from the start.  Alex took the two older girls to the local swimming pool in the morning, while I finished canning our last batch of salsa.  (A week ago Saturday we received 125 lbs of tomatoes, that we have been canning into diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, and salsa all week long.  I'm so glad that is done!)  When the last batch came out of the canner, we loaded up the kids and all went to the fair in town. 
Here's me and my girls!

Here's the Birthday Girl and Boy! (and the baby too.)

Banana Girl and Princess M rode the train together.

These three rode the Mary-go-round.

Banana Girl rode her first ride all by herself.  I was afraid she would be to nervous by herself, but as you can see, she had a blast and waved to us every time she came around.

Princess M and I rode the Farris Wheel.  And Alex and Banana Girl rode the giant slide together, but were too fast for a picture.  (My camera was taking too long adjusting for the dark and flashing lights.)

We ended the day with presents and cake.  (I know the candle is a 7.  It's the only candle I could find in the house.  She really turned 3.  The cake still tasted good.)

Princess M helped me decorate the cake.  It's half princesses for Banana Girl, and half boy toys for Alex.  (Names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

I'd like to take a moment to record some observations on Banana Girl on this, her 3rd birthday.  At this point in her life, these are her favorites:

Favorite Color:Still Yellow by far, but she's starting to say Pink and Green as well.
Favorite Toy: My Little Ponies
Favorite Foods: (Here's what she chose for her birthday menu:) Eggs & Toast, Doughnuts, Daddy Mac (macaroni with cheese and diced tomatoes added), Chicken Nuggets, Broccoli, Apples, and Ice Cream.
Favorite Movie: Barbie & the 3 Musketeers.
Favorite Music: Abba/Mama Mia; Especially "Money, Money, Money", "Dancing Queen," and "Mama Mia".
Other Favorite Songs: "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland, "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam", and "Winnie the Pooh".
Favorite TV show: Ni Hau Kai-lan.
Favorite activities: Swimming, going for walks, riding on the back of Daddy's bike, playing with her older sister, and going on errands with Mama or Daddy.
Favorite Clothes: Swimming Suit.  When I won't let her wear that, then it has to be a pretty dress.
What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: A Ballerina.

Banana Girl is my sweet peacemaker.  She is very often thinking of other people without being prompted.  I love to hear her prayers, because she always includes either her sister or her daddy and often both, that they might have a good day at school, work, ballet, or whatever they are doing that day.  She almost always greets us at the door when we come home from somewhere and asks us, "How was school/work/ballet/etc.?"  She's the first to give thanks for whoever cooked the meal, and almost never forgets her please and thank yous.  She's quick to hand out kisses and hugs, and always lets us know when Little Mouse is crying.  She's very patient with her older sister, who is more inclined to lead and direct their play.  She will usually let her sister take the lead and do whatever she's told to do in their play.  She loves being with her sister and misses her when she's at school.  They take care of each other too.  I love to see them holding hands (of their own choosing) when in a big crowd or crossing the street. 

She is also my singer.  Banana Girl loves to sing at the top of her lungs and dance along too when the song moves her.  She can't sing "Dancing Queen" any other way than on high volume and top speed as she skips around the living room.  She's very good at singing too.  She's always been very accurate in her tone.  Even before I could understand the words she was singing, I was always able to pick out the song, because she's exactly on her notes.  I need to figure out how to get home recorded mp3s on this site because I have some great recordings of her singing Abba.  I absolutely love it!  It makes me smile just to hear her voice. 

As long as you don't catch her when she wakes up from a nap (she's a real bear for a while; like her daddy,) she's usually very happy and is really into silly words (esp. gugie and boogie) and giggling.  She loves to climb, as high as she can get.  I'm always having to order her off the high stools and stacks of boxes, or backs of chairs.  She's not very fond of the puppy (it's too jumpy and nippy for her tastes) at our house right now, but she loves petting the neighbor's cat.  I can't wait to see how she takes to a kitten.  She loves being a big girl, and is excited to be 3 years old. 

Happy Birthday Banana Girl!!! I love you very very much!!!

Alex, I haven't forgotten you, but this post is already way too long.  Stay tuned for our anniversary post coming soon.  I love you very much!!!  and Happy Birthday!!!

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