Sunday, November 21, 2010

Other Randomness from the week

We had some fun painting our toesies in a rainbow of fall/thanksgiving colors.  (Thank you to Rachael for the photo choreographing idea; although I wish we had turned off the flash.)
 I don't know why I think it's soooo cute when they fall asleep in the middle of a meal. 
 Alex's brother generously sent us a new computer this week, carefully packed in PINK packing peanuts.  Princess M thought they were the most wonderful thing she had ever seen.  Feeling in a generous mood, I allowed the girls to play in the mounds of peanuts.  Here's Banana Girl "swimming" in them.

 They really had a ball, but the cleanup was a real beast!  I don't think we'll be doing that again.
Here's my beautiful princesses in their fancy Sunday dresses, that I finally go them to wear today!
 You know they make these dresses so adorable, but I can never get my kids to wear them, because they get doomed with the verdict of "Scratchy" on the inside.  The only way I could get my girls to keep them on today was to let them wear a knit t-shirt/onesie underneath to stop the scratchies.  Princess M had to wear a shirt and skirt underneath the outfit to make it acceptable to wear. 
And finally, just a few fun pictures I love that show some princess personalities:

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Sarah said...

Yep, you are QUITE the gracious mother for letting those little ones tear into those packing peanuts. And CONGRATS on your new baby! I don't know why I didn't know, I think I've just been out of the loop for awhile.