Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

Well, here they are, just a little late: our Halloween Pictures.  With Halloween being on a Sunday this year, we didn't do much on the actual 31st except for make a special dinner full of fun spooky treats including dinner in a pumpkin, bandaged hot dog fingers, deviled eyeballs, and my favorite meaty skull to go with crackers and cheese (sorry no pics of it though.)

 Kids did their trick or treating the night before at the Church's Trunk or treat party.  It was a whole stake event so they came home with PLENTY of candy for sure.  We also ran into some old friends we haven't seen in over 4 years at the event, so it was really nice for all.  Alex had fun with the kids carving our two pumpkins (a cat and some hearts) for the night.  I thought we took some pictures of it, but I guess not.

I love the look of glee on their faces as they eat the candy! 

M the Mermaid has adopted this pose as her standby for anything princessy, complete with tilted head, standing on one foot, hand wave, and the pointed toes.  If you say, "Say Cheese" she strikes the signature pose.
"Trick or Treat!!!"

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