Sunday, November 7, 2010

Do's all around

Alex was gone all week on a trip to Alaska with his job last week.  To celebrate his homecoming on Friday we all got dressed up with fancy hairdos before heading to the airport. 

Here's Princess M new do: a sort of french twist covered in hair loops sporting a brand new flower clip.

This is a very momentous occation for Banana Girl.  This is her first hair do EVER!!!  (At the airport I slipped 2 little ladybug clips onto the piggies just before Alex showed up.  She wouldn't keep them in very long, but they sure were cute while they lasted.)  Up to this time her hair has been too short (or nonexistant) to do anything with at all; except for the beautiful curls at the nape of her neck.  So to avoid the mullet look, we just didn't do anything with her hair.  But finally, after 2 years of waiting, her hair will pull into baby pigtails.  Horray!!  Look out, Mamma has some fun hair time coming with this little one.

 Another momentous occation to note.  I let Princess M do my hair for the first time.  She was very creative, and very proud of her work when she was done.  It pulled a little, and there were some bugging fly aways around my face, but I managed to keep the do in all day long until after she went to bed that night.  She probably says the same thing about my hairdos.  ;)

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Paul and Susan said...

How fun! M is going to be a very talented hair dresser at this rate. Did Alex like all of the do's? Happy Birthday Princess M.