Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gila Valley

We did it!!  We finally got out to visit our new temple.  New in that we just moved to the area, and new in that this temple didn't exist when we lived here last.  Although it's a 2 hour drive to The Gila Valley Temple here is southern Arizona, it's still closer than the 3 hour drive to Mesa that we used to have to make.  Close enough to do in one day, without being completely exhausting.  What we used to do is stay with my Uncle Wayne and Aunt Sue in Mesa for the weekend to break up the drives a bit.  And you know, we probably will continue to do that quite a bit still, just because we love visiting them so much.  Be expecting a call from us soon, Wayne & Sue. 

But it was still very nice to visit the new temple and feel the Spirit there.  It's a beautiful temple, very small, and yet just as majestic as all the other temples I've been to.  It always feels like coming home whenever I get a chance to visit the temple.  No matter if I've ever been in that particular temple before or not.  The love of our Heavenly Father is so strong there.  I feel so grateful to live relatively close to a temple, that we can visit on a regular basis.  And I'm very grateful to our friends, the Harrises for watching our kids for us, so that we were able to attend.  It's truely been a very spiritually fulfilling week. 

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