Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Lord Giveth, and the Lord Taketh Away

This past thursday was Princess M's 5th birthday.  She got to spend the morning with her friends while Alex and I went on our trip to Mexico to sonogram the baby.  So her first gift of the day (besides the cookies she received at our friends' house) was the knowledge of a baby sister on the way.  She jumped for joy, for she so wanted another girl. It was late afternoon when we finally got home from that adventure, so Alex took the kids swimming, while I quickly prepared the rest of her birthday festivities.  On the evening's agenda was a fantastic crepe dinner, followed by a "rainbow, spider, barbie cake" (by request: she couldn't decide between princesses and halloween for the theme,) and of course opening presents.  We took quite a few pictures of the festivities for all to enjoy:

Princess M brought me a Barbie Movie (Magic of Pegasus) and wanted Barbie's "Most Beautiful Hairdo" for her birthday.  This was my best effort to mimic the animated hairdo.

All of M's spider rings adorn this barbies skirt.

Crepes were on the menu: both dinner (i.e. broccoli & cheese) and dessert (fruit and creme.)  They were fantastic.

Princess M, about to blow out her candles.

The large exciting present of the evening.

Banana Girl modeling another of one of M's gifts.  She had a hard time accepting that it was not her birthday too.

However, like it so often does, tradgedy struck soon after the celebration in M's world.  The very next day, M was playing too rough with her new mini my little pony, Sweetie Belle, and snapped her head clean off.  After a whole weekend of intensive care (and a lot of super glue that was just not enough for the poor pony) she was declared officially dead at 8:05 pm this evening.  To help the poor grieving family/owner cope with the loss, I was appointed to be the funeral home director and prepare for the upcoming funeral tomorrow (it was too late to do it tonight due to one little girl being up past her bedtime.)  So out came my crafting skills to create an appropriate casket to carry our poor deceased friend safely to the land of all dead toys (the kitchen trashcan, and thus to the dump.)  Here's a picture of the body all laid out in the casket, ready for the services to be held tomorrow. 

We'll be sure to update you all on the funeral soon.  Stay tuned.

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