Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving Holiday

We drove out to Provo, UT for the holidays this year. Two of my brothers, my sister, and their families all met up at my grandmother's/parents' home for a week of festivities. Unfortunately we couldn't find our camera for the first half of the week so I need to get copies of pics that everyone else took (please guys!)

We blessed Baby A in my parents' ward, played in the leaves, knitted/crocheted a lot, made a bunch of pies, and just had a wonderful time with family.

Here's some shots of reading "The Polar Express" in the cardboard train the kids made, complete with hot chocolate and jingle bells.

My incredibly talented sister-in-law generously took some Christmas photos for us:

We topped off our trip with an eventful drive home. We had a beautiful drive home until we reached ski country in the rockies. Our drive was perfectly timed to get stuck in a traffic backup caused by an accident that had occured just minutes before, which kept us at a standstill on the interstate for over an hour waiting for cleanup, which was just enough time to keep us from crossing the eisenhower pass before the snow storm that closed I-70 and most of the other mountain passes. We took the one highway out of Breckenridge that was still open down south to highway 24 straight to Colorado Springs; bypassing Denver completely and adding 3 hours to our trip. But we got home safe (Alex had to work in the morning so staying in a hotel was not a good option for us.)

Crazy to think that if we had left lunch 5 minutes earlier we would have made it through to Denver before all the problems hit. We found out later that actually that would have been worse, since there was a huge storm south of Denver that delayed traffic on I-25 up to 4-5 hours. So that 5 minute delay that seemed such bad luck actually was probably the best thing that could have happened to us given the circumstances.

This Thanksgiving, I'm especially thankful for our family, our beautiful daughters, our health, and a loving Heavenly Father who watches over us and protects us.

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