Monday, December 15, 2008

New Family Blog

I was browsing the blogs of some friends and family today and ran across a recipe blog created by my cousins, the Edwards family. It was such a great way to store, share, and search for recipes (using the label and search functions already in blogger), that I was inspired to start one of my own. Feel free to check it out at I've been in a baking frenzy this Christmas, so my first posts are of some of the Christmas recipes I still have around the kitchen available for photographing.

If you're a member of my immediate family, be expecting an invite in your email to be an author on this site. I'll be thrilled to have you accept and post some of your favorite recipes. Check out the Edwards' blog to see the potential of the site.

For those of you who are in my ward, I thought this would be a great way to handle the ward recipe exchange group. Then members can post at will and all the recipes are in one location, rather than a slew of emails in our inboxes. What do you think? It would be very easy to create one for the ward and very simple to maintain.

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