Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby Shopping?

Yesterday Alex was glancing at a coupon booklet from Target we recieved in the mail and was joking to me about how much money we would "save" by buying all this stuff from the booklet. Suddenly Princess M started hyperventilating and crying and practically screamed at us, "But I LOVE (baby A)! I want to keep her! I love her so much...! I don't want a new one!" We finally calmed her down, confused at what she was talking about. The we noticed the cover of the coupon booklet:

She thought we were talking about buying a new baby!

I'm so glad she loves her sister so much to get so emotional.

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Jana said...

Hi JoDee -This is Jana (aka Sis. Holden). I'm so glad you put the link to your blog in your christmas letter. It has been fun seeing what you have been up to the last little while. Your girls are soooo cute! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.