Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grandma's Birthday Party

Early September saw a return to school for Princess M.   Here's my big first grader on her first day:
Immediately after starting school, we took her out for a week to leave on a another trip/reunion up at the Heber Valley Camp for Grandma Kidman's birthday weekend.  We did remember the camera this time and took a TON of pictures.  Here's a slide show of all the pictures from the birthday retreat:

We stayed a few extra days and were able to attend my nephew's eagle scout court of honor.  Congratulations again J man!!!  You rock!

On our way out the door to start our long drive back home, Grandma taught my girls to do a proper cartwheel.

We Love You Grandma!!!  Happy Birthday!

We stopped halfway home for the night in Vegas at my Aunt and Uncle's home.  They have such a lovely home there and are always so willing to let us stop and rest up before driving the rest of the way home.  Plus the girls were so excited to be able to swim in their backyard pool.

As it so happens, after taking these pictures I set the camera in my lap while I read by the side of the pool.  Well, Little Mouse started throwing towels into the pool and as I jumped up to save the towels from the water, the camera slipped right into the water instead.  Thank goodness we were able to salvage the pictures from the camera; but the camera itself was ruined.  You can guess what we got this year on Black Friday.  Until then, we pretty much just took pictures on our cell phones.

Anyhow, ruined camera aside, it was a very nice trip and we were all very sad to have to come back to normal life again.

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