Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Recap

We had a nice quiet Christmas at home this year.  Alex's mother, Lynda, came to visit for a couple weeks which was GREAT!  The girls just loved every minute they got to spend with her.  We celebrated the 4 advent sundays before Christmas and on Christmas day we had a nice relaxing morning opening presents, just being together, and we made up the girls' hair into princess crowns for church.  They looked quite lovely!

Little Mouse (who's squeek has evolved into more of a falcon's screech, only higher and more jarring,) had a great morning scavanging any bits of candy she could find laying around.  By the way just yesterday she stood all by herself for a full 10 seconds with no support at all.  She was quite the star.

Banana Girl has taken to wearing a swimming suit whenever she possibly can: night or day, sun or rain, warm or cold.  So she was thrilled with her very own ballerina outfit for Christmas.  She models it so well.

This was a present for the whole family, picked up a few days before Christmas, but was still by far Princess M's favorite gift this year. 

As it always does, Christmas ended all too soon.  We enjoyed a thoroughly lovely New Year's Eve, playing games with friends.  The girls actually made it all the way till midnight.  And we were very grateful that our new church schedule didn't start until 1:00pm this year.

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