Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Brief Visit from Princess #4

We found her on Craigslist for free and made a special trip up to Tucson to go get her.  She was by far everyone's favorite Christmas gift this year.  Only 6 weeks old and actually just a little too early to leave her mother, but she adjust well and fast and was litter trained after only 1 day. 

She stole our hearts from the start and was so lovable and good with the girls.  She spent most of the first couple days in Princess M's lap or arms and once she felt comfortable with our home was bounding all over the place.  She quickly learned how to use her claws (she would climb straight up my pant leg in order to get in my arms.)  But she was really really good about not scratching the girls.  She even would let Little Mouse crawl over and play with her. 

 After playing with several names, some good, some not so good, the girls decided to call her "Princess."  And really, how could she be anything else in this house full of princesses.  Isn't she just the most beautiful kitten you've ever seen?

Unfortunately, as you can probably predict from the title of this post (and the way I've been talking about her in past tense) her stay with us did not last very long.  Princess M, who has been around cats her entire life, began developing puffy, itchy eyes on the second day.  Ironic, isn't it that the little girl who loves her the most, would end up with an allergy to her.  After about a week, we made the agonizing decision to give her up.  Princess M drove with her to take her back to her mother in Tucson.  She cried herself to sleep that night from missing her so much.  Her only consolation is that we promised her that we would try again with another kitten. 

We're hoping it's just that she seemed to be a long haired cat.  Our old cats were both short haired.   We've tried some kittens at the pound this past Monday, but they just seemed too feral and hissy to have around the girls (and especially Little Mouse.)  I guess Princess just set our expectation so high now.  So we're now just waiting for a new litter to show up on Craigslist with a short haired, lovable, cuddle-loving, adorable kitten to try and fill Princess' shoes (without filling Princess M's allergy.)  Wish us luck.

Goodbye, Princess!  We love you and miss you!


Tami said...

Aww ... she's cute, for a cat! Better luck next time!

Jana said...

My oldest son adores cats, but is allergic to them as well. He is constantly saying he wants a cat and I keep having to remind him why we can't get one. It is very sad!

Sarah said...

Aw, poor thing! We have had to get rid of a few animals due to allergies, and it's NOT easy. Hope you find the Princess of your dreams (cuz you know, a dream is a wish your heart makes).
I'm SURE you'll find that perfect kitty!