Thursday, February 3, 2011

Even Here In Arizona

I was talking to my sister on the phone today and hearing about how they have been snowed in for the past couple days with this massive blizzard that seems to be stretching from sea to shining sea this week; and I couldn't help but chuckle a little thinking, "The rest of the nation shuts down with snow, but here in Arizona, I just put on a sweater to go outside.  There are definitely some perks to living here." 

Well, it seems the joke is on me.  The excessive demand for heat in the northern states due to this blizzard has overtaxed the natural gas supplier in Texas, who has decided that our gas company here in Arizona is lowest priority on the list, and is not delivering as contracted.  The result: I may need just a coat to go outside tonight, but I also need a coat to sit at my computer and type this.  We have no gas, which means, no heat, no hot water, and no cooking.  And thanks to clean air laws about building here in Sierra Vista, only the oldest homes have real wood burning fireplaces.  (not ours.)

It makes you realize how dependant we are on society to survive.  I've always wanted a wood burning fireplace in my eventual dream home, because if the power goes out, so goes the gas fireplace.  But after today, I've modified that to an old fashioned wood burning stove, so if the gas or electricity goes out (or both for that matter) you can still heat the home AND still cook a hot meal or heat water.  Survive. 

So all you lucky people, huddling in your snow packed homes and waiting out the storm; count your blessings:  You still have a warm home. 

Things I'm grateful for today:  1.We have one electric space heater, so we can warm up one bedroom tonight for us all to sleep in.  2. We have an electric Cocoamotion that will heat up 4 mugs worth of water to the perfect cocoa/cider temperature.  and 3. I didn't pack away ALL of our cold weather clothes, when we moved out here. 

Don't worry about us.  We'll be ok tonight.  The radio predicts gas to be restored sometime tomorrow.  Let's hope they're right. 

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Maryle said...

Wow, you got it worse than us!!! At least we have heat, and got an excues for Jared to spend two whole days with us. I'm sorry to hear that you have no heat. Hopefully you get it back soon.