Sunday, January 30, 2011

Temple Visit

Can you believe January is almost over?  Only one day left until February.  Princess M has been begging to put up Valentine's Day decorations, and I've been putting her off by saying not until February.  I don't think I'll be able to get to the 2nd without covering the whole house in hearts. 

Then end of January, means the end of my turn at teaching preschool every Tues & Thurs.  Yea!!  I taught my last class last Thursday and am looking forward to just dropping M off at someone else's home for the next couple months.  It wasn't hard really, and the kids were a lot of fun; but it was just a constant "To Do" on my mind all Jan & Dec; that I am glad to have gone now. 

Especially glad it's over because February is the last month before I'm due to bring this new princess into the world.  And I'm starting to feel it too.  It's time to cut down on the "To Do's" and concentrate on getting ready for this little girl to take center stage.  I had a little hiccup last week at my mid-wife appointment, that didn't really scare me per say, but that made me think I was going to have some additional challenges to overcome with this one.  Due to a malfunctioning blood glucose reader, we began to think that I had developed gestational diabetes.  After a day of buying supplies and groceries, and looking up diabetic diets to get this thing under control, so I wouldn't have to be transferred to an OBGYN, my midwife discovered the error in the tester.  And after a couple days of self testing my glucose levels before and after meals with my new (free after rebate) blood/glucose tester, I can now sit here in front of my computer, eating ice cream and drinking my fruit and sugar tea confident that my body is still processing sugar just fine.  I could have stuck to that diet for a month and a half if I had to; but as it is, I'm very grateful I don't have to; because I really do love my carbs.  (and my sugars too for that matter.)

Speaking of carbs, we just had one of the most amazing desserts yesterday at P.F. Chang's.  It seems that every restaurant has their version of a double or triple layer chocolate cake that just looks heavenly.  However, I'm always hesitant to get it because it's such a gamble whether it will be really moist, rich, and wonderful like it looks, or dry and disappointing.  More often than not, they seem to be the latter, so I usually resist the temptation.  Well we gave in at P.F. Chang's yesterday, and not only was the cake moist and wonderful, but it was also laying in a bed of deliciously tart raspberry sauce and garnished with wonderful fresh berries.  Really, it was amazing.  It's a good thing we don't have that restaurant here in Sierra Vista, or I would be there all the time just for dessert.  If you live near one, you've got to give this dessert a try.  Mmmmm.  Suddenly, my fruit tea seems a little bland. 

We were there yesterday actually, because we were in Phoenix for Friday and Saturday, visiting my Aunt and Uncle and attending the Temple.  The Mesa Temple really is gorgeous I must say.  It's so majestic and stately, especially being one of the older, large temples.  We couldn't help but chuckle a little at the inscription in the stone above the front doors that said "The Arizona Temple."  At the time they built this temple, there's no way they could have foreseen that there would, before too long, be many temples in Arizona.  Especially at with the new smaller temples and the ability we have now as a church to bring them to the people at a much quicker pace.  No, this was one of the first, grand, very large, and majestic temples; and they probably thought it would be "The Arizona Temple" for a long, long time.  It really amazing to see the intricate and ornate details that went into these earlier temples.  I don't really know the history of the Mesa Temple, but it must have taken some time to build.  It's gorgeous.  And as with any temple, it's always so rejuvenating to "come home" to the temple and escape the world for a few hours.  What a marvelous blessing we've been given!

It was also really nice to spend a little time with my Uncle Wayne and Aunt Sue too.  They're so gracious in opening up their home to us; and my girls love them already and are looking forward to visiting again.  And I must say I'm so envious of her growing season too.  Not only does she get a wonderful climate in Phoenix for growing her own oranges, lemons, pomegranates, and almonds, during the summer, but she gets a nice long winter garden season too for broccoli, and spinach, carrots, etc.  She never has to stop growing things for the winter.  I've always admired how self-sufficient, and healthy they have become with their use of the space and time given to them. 

Well, my ice cream is gone, and my tea has gone cold.  This post must be more than long enough for one day.  Goodbye January...let's make room for a month of hearts and valentines.  (I think it's going to be a lot of fun this year!)


Paul and Susan said...

Your Dad was wondering if you knew that your great-great grandfather, David King Udall, was the first President of the Arizona temple. I am sure that even 20 years ago no one imagined that there would be more than one temple in Arizona, or one in Palmyra, or Detroit or in nearly every state in the country. We are so blessed! Thank you Heavenly Father!

Jana said...

How exciting for you to be prego with #3!! When are you due? Is it a boy or a girl? I guess I could look back through your blog and find out, but I am too lazy. I should do better at keeping up with everyone's blogs.

Anyway... 3 is great. We had #3 in september and it has been so fun!

Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

Sarah Elkins said...

I am so excited about the Fort Collins temple! I think we need to plan a wonderful Loveland reunion around the time it is dedicated! Are you game?

Sarah Elkins said...

P.S. Are you going to wish I never found your blog or what? JK Love you! It is so awesome to see you family grow and to see you as such an amazing Mom! I always knew you would be the best mom ever!