Sunday, February 6, 2011


Of course they never turn the gas back on when they originally plan, do they?  We ended up having 3 days and 2 nights, without gas in our home, with temperatures as low as 50 degrees.  Now 50 degrees outside doesn't sound like anything; but 50 degrees indoors all day and night is downright cold.  The outside temperatures actually dipped down into the teens here (killing many of the local cacti around town.)  Yesterday, we finally got our gas turned back on, and to celebrate we heated up the house, baked dinner in the oven, and I made a batch of orange marmalade on the stove; complete with canning and everything.  It was lovely. 

Today in fast and testimony meeting, there was a theme of love for the gospel and how it brings people together in service and watching over each other.   The city proper didn't loose their gas, but about half of our ward lives outside of the boundaries of where they stopped servicing.  Some people even lost their water service too.  So there were a lot of calls and offers for help this past week all over the ward.  Made for a loving and grateful meeting today. 

One thing that really stuck out to me through this ordeal was the power of gratitude.  We started a nightly tradition in our home around Thanksgiving time last year.  Right before dinner or night time prayers, we all mention something for which we are grateful for that particular day and then we thank Heavenly Father for each of those things in our prayer.  Well, it's February now and we are still doing this (nearly) every night.  It's wonderful!  and I was really impressed by some of the things that were mentioned during those days when we were the ones in need, and probably justified in thinking about the things we had lost or wished for.  Over the last couple days, my family was grateful for warm blankets; for the space heater we just happened to buy our last winter in Colorado springs (because you can't buy one now in Sierra Vista.  Hardware stores are all sold out,) for neighbors who look out for each other; for Daddy getting to stay home and play with the kids all day; for hot cocoa; and for the opportunity to give our gas to those up north in blizzards who would be much worse off than we were if they were the ones that had to do without. 

There's something about gratitude that makes trials easier.  We didn't even really feel like it was we had it all that hard.  Gratitude brings perspective, that it could be sooooo much worse.  We could have lost our electricity too, or water.  At least we even had a home to be cold in, rather than being homeless in the streets.  And with gratitude we were able to realize all the wonderful things we still had, and still enjoyed.  All in all, we passed the time quite pleasantly, while having a small adventure together.

I'm grateful for gratitude. 

and for the nice hot bath I was able to relax in after the gas was turned back on.

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Sarah said...

Yep, it's times like these when I am sooooo happy we have an all electric house...until the power goes out!

Glad you enjoyed your bubble bath!