Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh, for reliable technology!

So a while back our camera stopped downloading. After a while we figured out it was the memory card. So we bought a new one, and yeah, we had success downloading again... to Alex's computer. But when I tried to save them to my computer, the new card froze up my entire screen...permanently. Had to remove the card and hard shut down my computer; every time. Meanwhile, we've been taking pictures, having fun things I want to blog about, and even specifically taking pictures just for the blog; but have not figured out how to conveniently get them to my computer for uploading to the blog. I tell you what, when I do get the system working again (need to buy a new card...again) then I'm going to have one long post to upload. Here's one recent event I'll throw out while we all wait. Last Friday was our ward's talent show and Princess M decided after we got there that she wanted to get up and sing a song for the ward. She was thrown on the program at the last second to get up and sing a cute little song that her Grandma Lynda taught her, "Sing a Song of Sixpence." It was really adorable, and she did a really great job, all by herself up there on stage (she's fearless!) Well since we hadn't planned on this performance, we of course, did not have a camera or my new flip with me. A great big thank you to the Mullis's for posting a bunch of pictures of the talent show on their blog, so I was able to get a picture of the event! (Thank goodness I brushed her hair before going to the ward activity!) Although I don't have a recording of the talent show performance, I do have a video of her singing the same song for an ecard to her Grandma Lynda. Enjoy!

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