Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Parents are joining the Blogging World!

My sister just posted this, but for those of you who may be interested, but don't follow her blog, I'm announcing it again. My parents are preparing for a mission and have decided to start a blog for those of us who would like to follow them in their adventure. Check it out at

I'm excited to see where they will be called to serve.

Isn't it truly amazing what we are able to do these days to keep in touch? How very exciting it will be to follow a missionary couple through their sorrows and joys, successes and disappointments, and in their journey doing the Lord's work. My Dad has often told me that he wished he could be a fly on the wall and watch as I went through many of my life experiences. Now we really can, in a small way, participate through these instant media available to us.

This will be my Dad's 2nd mission and my Mom's 1st. I really hope they will write regularly despite all the time constraints of missionaries. What a fantastic living journal this would be. In any case though, I just know they will be fantastic missionaries. Whatever mission they get sent to will be very lucky to have them!


Maryle said...

You said it so much better than I did. Thanks.

Maureen said...

What exciting news! You're right, this is so fantastic to have this journal of their experiences. If your parents don't maybe you kids could all get their blog printed up in a book for them to keep.