Sunday, January 24, 2010

What are they teaching these kids?!!

So we always ask Princess M about her primary class lesson when we're driving home from church. She usually doesn't remember a whole lot, except maybe the main idea of the class, and then we're able to talk to here a little about the topic too. This weeks conversation is worthy of recording for history.

Mom: "M, what did you learn in your sunday school class today?"

M: "I don't know...Mmmm...maybe... about Jesus."

Mom: "What about Jesus did you talk about?"

M: "About how we need to follow in his footsteps and he lives up in the clouds, only we don't know which cloud he's on. And you need to watch out for the aliens up in the clouds too, you know like in Chicken Little, because they're flying up there, watching us, and could come jump down on us. They want us to follow them, but we want to follow Jesus..."

That's the main jist, although she went on for 5 minutes on the subject of Aliens. Must have been some sunday school class!