Sunday, January 24, 2010

I wish I had a working camera!!

I braided Banana Girl's hair for the first time today!

Now I know you're glancing above at the picture at the top of this blog and thinking, "What hair?" Well she's got this tuft of hair about the size of a quarter that grows right at the base of the back of her head, where her neck begins. And it's about 2 inches long. How weird is that?

Yes, I know, my cute little baldy, actually has a mullet. Should I be ashamed for her and chop it off? No, instead I braided it in church today when she was distracted enough to hold still. And being, tiny & frizzy, it stuck straight out. The 11 year old girls next to me couldn't stop laughing. Poor girl. Mom's already getting great enjoyment at her expense.

Wish you could've seen it.

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