Sunday, August 4, 2013

Welcome Little Man!

He's finally here!!!  Baby X made his grand appearance July 30th at 5 mins before midnight.
The whole family with everyone looking fantastic (except for me of course).

He's exhausted.  It's been a long night!

Adored by all his beautiful princess sisters.

Big boy at 8 lbs, 2 oz, 19 inches long and a whopping 14 inch head.

He came at the perfect time too.  His sisters had just arrived back in town on Monday with my parents.  So we were able to leave the girls at home with their grandparents the night of the birth and they were all able to come see him the next day.  I was so relieved that Mom and Dad got to see him before having to leave on Friday.  We had so much fun with them in town; and they were constantly helping me out in one way or another before and after the birth.  What a blessing they are!  Thanks again Mom and Dad!!

More pics to be posted soon...


aunty said...

Little Xavier is just beautiful! Congratulations, JoDee and Alex! So happy for you!

Unknown said...

Congrats! So happy for you! Wish we lived closer so our boys could be best buddies!

Heather Sycamore said...

So happy for you JoDee! I love seeing your family grow and reading about the wonderful life you have created.