Sunday, May 12, 2013

We found one!

 We tried one last time to adopt a cat. And although she reacted to her the first weekend; Princess M has been pretty much symptom free ever since (Which is a little over a month now.)  So welcome to our newest member of our family: Tia.  She's a sweet 7 yr old Calico, who is very very patient with children.  She still has her claws but has not used them at all on the kids.  Even with Monkey pestering her and trying to pick her up; she just patiently tolerates it, until she can run away.  She's a perfect fit in our family and all the girls just adore her.

There were several of these photos on the camera.  I guess the girls thought it was pretty funny that she was hanging out in the tub.

One of the nice perks about having Tia is that our house is cleaner now.  The girls wanted a kitty so bad that they agreed to add sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and cleaning a couch as daily chores (to keep the allergens down) as well as feeding, cleaning, and scooping litter as part of their daily responsibilities.  And they've been pretty good at it too.  Our floors have never had so much attention to them before.  It's really great.  They've also gotten really good at shutting doors (outside as well has the 2 bedrooms that are off limits to Tia.)  It's going to really cut down on the flies this summer in the house too.  Even Monkey plays door police, whenever she sees one of the forbidden doors open.

So welcome, Tia!  We are very glad to have you join our family, for many reasons!

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