Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ballet Recital

Princess M had her ballet recital last night.  She was absolutely beautiful!!!  And I was so impressed with how well she seemed to be doing with her steps and form and all that (to my untrained eye, anyway.)  Alex was asked to help some of the older ballerinas with a dance as well, so he got to spend some time on stage too.  They both did wonderfully; and we went out to IHOP afterwards to celebrate the end of the ballet season.

Funny Girl came to watch with me in the audience and I pointed out to her the two dances she would have been in, had she not quit 2 weeks into the season, (she's still very shy and clingy to family and just couldn't handle being left alone at practice, no matter how much she loves dancing with her sister) and she's decided that maybe she's ready to try ballet again after all.  She especially wished she could have been one of the yellow chickens in the chicken dance.  So maybe she'll be performing in the Nutcracker with her sister this Christmas after all.  We'll see. She loved watching Princess M and her daddy on stage.

Congratulations Princess M and Alex!  Job well, well done!

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