Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just an Update

Just for any who might be curious why I haven't been writing lately.  We've been just a little busy with inspections and contracts and negotiations, and such.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit that we are moving once again.  We're up to 4 times now in 2 years.  Yes, I'm really getting tired of this.

But this time, we're actually moving to a home that we are buying, that will actually be big enough for all our stuff and growing children.  It's still not as much space as we had in Colorado Springs, but it is twice as big as what we are living in now (which is bigger than anywhere we've been since leaving the Springs 2 years ago.)

I'm almost giddy thinking about having a bedroom that is JUST a bedroom (not a storage room on full of boxes along one wall.)  And I might actually be able to have a separate craft room as well.  Funny how when all my crafting supplies are in the toy room closet, the kids think they are toys to play with.  And there's a storage room right off the kitchen as well.  I could actually start storing food again.  Maybe we could actually get a full year supply.  Not to mention the kitchen itself that has more than 2 feet of counter space.

Oh, and there's a hot tub in the backyard.  Mmmmmmmm.

Yes, I'm very excited.  I wish I could start moving now.  But the big day is July 3, a week and a half from now.  So this year on the 4th, we'll be celebrating our independence from tiny cramped living quarters!  Hopefully we'll be able to stay put this time for a long, long, time.

(For those of you who might care, we confirmed today that we will definitely be crossing the elusive ward boundary into 4th ward.)

Oh, and one more thing... I probably won't be writing again for a while as the whole craziness of packing and moving sets in.  Wish us luck!


Maryle said...

Congrats and good luck!!! Hooray for more space!!!

Sarah said...

LUCK!! I LOVE the idea of food storage AND a craft room, SCORE!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, We're so excited. I've already picked out paint colors for all the rooms. Now if I could just get the lender to send those docs to escrow so we could finally close!