Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dancing Princesses

So I've gotten really far behind and have been too overwhelmed to catch up on everything until now.  I'm determined to record everything before the end of the day.  I'll break it up over a couple posts so that it's easier to read though.

First off, about 3 weeks ago, my Mom, Dad, and Grandma came to visit us for just a couple days.  School was on spring break, so the girls were able to have their grandparents attention all day long every day.  They were usually found dressed up as princesses, like this:

Or as ballerinas, like this.  This one time was while Alex and I were out on a date, and apparently, Mom, Dad, & Grandma were treated to a ballet show from the girls the ENTIRE time we were gone.  They went through an entire CD of Christmas music as accompaniment to their impromptu ballet show.  

All I can say is that Grandparents must be very patient angels!

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