Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2 Months

My Little Mouse is growing up so fast!

This was taken on her 2 month day.  She's fairly chubby and absolutely beautiful.  I LOVE LOVE to just lay beside her and watch her beautiful face while she is sleeping.  Her neck is getting stronger; Banana girl can now "hold" her without causing great alarm.  She is beloved by both of her older sisters, who often fight over who gets to hold her first. 

Sometime they love her just a little too much though. Little Mouse is often getting smothered by so many kisses that she has to arch her back to try and get some air.  I feel bad telling the girls NOT to kiss the baby so much.  What's up with that?!

Just this past week she has also started really smiling and I think I've even heard the beginning of a giggle  now and then.  If you catch her right after a nap, a diaper change, and a full tummy, you're almost sure to be graced with big beautiful smiles just by looking and talking to her.  (Come to think of it, that's the best way to get a smile out of me too.)  This shot just missed a big one.   The best part of having a baby is soon to come!  I just love the giggles!!

At 2 months old, her favorite things are being held, talked to, nursing, and sitting in her baby swing.  She's starting to suck all over her hand occasionally, trying to get her little thumb into her mouth.  I caught her succeeding a couple times too.  I'm trying to curtail that one.  

Unfortunately, at 2 months old, she has also caught her first nasty cough.  Princess M had a really bad one last week, accompanied by a fever; and now poor Little Mouse is hacking something terrible.  It's a really sad sound.  Gratefully, she hasn't seemed to have developed the fever part.  She has spent most of the past two days just eating and sleeping.  It's almost like having a newborn again. 

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Maryle said...

She's getting so big!! I hope she recovers from her cough soon. Love you guys!