Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New name

So I'm laying in bed next to our new baby girl, just watching her sleep, and just marveling at how different she already is in so many ways from our other two girls.  Not quite sleeping peacefully, but too tired to make a full protest, she slightly struggles against the swaddling that keeps her wrapped tight and begins to make a noise I've become very familiar with: a tiny, discontented ... squeak. 

Yep, she squeaks.  The cutest little squeak, like slowly rubbing your finger on clean plastic Tupperware, during church (slowly and intermittently, hoping nobody will notice.)   It may be the precursor to her waking up and grow into a cry, or she may just squeak a little bit in protest and then succumb to sleep once more.  I don't remember my other girls squeaking like this.  Maybe I've just forgotten, but I don't think so. 

She squeaks all the time when she's sleeping, whenever anything is bugging her.  It's a noise that I wake to several times each night, wondering if I need to change a diaper, or feed her, or if I can just go back to sleep and wait for a more serious complaint.  A sound I dread when I'm exhausted, but for some reason, laying there tonight, just looking into her sweet face, the squeak was so endearing, so uniquely hers.  It made me smile.

And I thought, "What a perfect blog name!"  So, I'm thinking from now on, Beebee (which I knew was only a temporary name anyway) will hereby be blog named Squeakers or Little Mouse... or something like that. 

What do you think?  Will it stick?  Anyone got an opinion on a name? 


Tami said...

I love the name! Our baby squeaks, too! He does it while sleeping, nursing, all the time. It is really quite funny at times. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with a squeaky baby! (I was visiting teaching on Monday and he started squeaking while sleeping during the lesson ... it almost sounded like he was laughing.)

Mellysnelly said...

Super cute! Whatever name you decide, make sure you put her real name on facebook or something.:) Enjoy your girls! Love Mel

Don said...

how about "the hairless rat"?

Yes, I'm kidding! Your little mouse is too adorable....