Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's the best month of the year!!

Ok, so I'm probably a little biased, since my birthday falls in this month.  Still I've always loved this month.  St. Patrick's day is fun (Leahy is Irish by the way, so I can take more pride in the holiday)  but most exciting about March is the first day of spring (and Spring Break if you're in school).  I just love, love, love seeing the first signs of life after a long winter.  The Little green sprouts coming out of a snow covered ground; the crocuses sending up the first colorful flowers of spring; the buds beginning to form on the trees, proving that those dead looking sticks survived the chill of winter and are really teaming with life underneath.  All of these things invariably happened in March.  (at least they did in Colorado where I grew up.)  March is when I start itching to plant a garden and start participating in the miracle of life.   It's very exciting!

And my birthday is in March.  And my next child's birthday will be in March too.  Yep, I'm still pregnant.  Not too surprising since the due date is on my birthday.  But Banana Girl came 2 weeks early, so it was possible that this next angel could have been a February baby.  But not so.  She's still in there; and I'm absolutely HUGE to show for it.  I got some stork pictures taken last week.  They should be ready in about a week to post, so stay tuned. 

However, now it's March, my pictures are taken, my midwife is back from her vacation today, my mother in law arrives tomorrow, I'm no longer sick with a cold, and everything is ready for this new baby to enter our world.  Ok, Little One!  You can come anytime you want now!  Really...  anytime!  Sooner would be awesome!  No pressure.  I think I'll take some long walks tomorrow... maybe do a few jumping jacks... no reason.

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Paul and Susan said...

Try waterskiing. That works. Or a long back country drive on an atv.