Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Setec Astronomy...

For those of you who recognize the movie reference, doesn't it make you want to go watch the movie right now? For those who don't, "Sneakers" is a really fun movie from 1992 that's kinda like a mix between Mission Impossible and The Burbs. In looking up this quote, I found a whole website devoted to lines from this movie. There were a LOT of good one liners in that film; it made me smile to browse them.

Anyway, you may be wondering what I'm getting at here. "No More Secrets, Marty." We've been living with some big ones for quite some time now and it's time to let them all out of the bag:

First off: Alex is (almost for sure) getting a new job. He'll actually be doing exactly what he does now, except that we don't have to worry as much about his contract disappearing and taking his job with it (Always a concern with government contractors.) The job security itself is worth the change, but it should also really open up his future horizons as well. We're very excited about it. This secret has been driving the secrecy of all the others. We didn't want to say anything until we had a firm commitment just to be sure it was really for real; but that was supposed to happen a month ago, and now due to some technical glitches, it looks like it'll be another month until we have it, at which point I may only have a week to pack. So I say to heck with waiting, I'm going to start packing now and risk the slim chance that I'll have to unpack in a month (it's complicated). Not to mention that since they released me from my calling today, everyone has pretty much been guessing that we're moving, and the secret is pretty much out of the bag anyway now.

That leads me to our next secret: We're moving. The job requires us to move back to where his company is headquartered, in Sierra Vista, AZ. This is where we moved from when we came to the Springs, so it's not an unfamiliar location to us. That takes all the trepidation out of moving. We're very excited to see some of our old friends again that we left behind; but we're also very sad to leave behind all the friends we made in our 4 years here. A very bitter/sweet decision.

We've already given away our twin kitties to a new loving home. (They didn't take the trip well last time, I didn't want to put them through it again. and besides, the home we're moving into may not allow pets.) It was very sad to say goodbye to Artemis & Krinkle; especially for Princess M. They've been part of our family for her entire life. She cried for several days when I first broke the news to her, but by the time we gave them our last hugs, she was already looking forward to the day when we'll be able to go to the pound and pick out some new little kitten.

I've promised Princess M a going away party for her to say goodbye to all her friends before we go. She's very excited about it. She's actually been taking the news very well. She's sad about leaving her friends, but she believes us when we tell her she'll make new friends. She likes to wonder out loud about what will change when we "move to the desert." I think she's expecting to be living in an old western movie or something with cowboys and cacti.

And our last big secret: I'm pregnant. Due on my own birthday in fact. How cool would that be? No, we don't know if it's a boy or girl yet. I haven't even seen a midwife yet due to secrets 1 & 2. There have been a lot of things in life that have now been put off until we get to Sierra Vista; like visiting a mid-wife. Morning sickness has not been too bad; I shouldn't complain. I know so many who really get it bad. I'm just exhausted; ALL of the time. It's like that feeling you get after spending an entire afternoon in the sun running a garage sale or something. You don't feel like you worked very hard, but the sun just leached all your energy away and any desire you might have had to do anything afterwards. That's how I feel everyday, all day. Not so bad, considering I could be puking everyday; but for someone like me that thrives (I mean really thrives) on getting stuff done, it's really hard to not be able to bring myself to do anything. Packing is going to be loads of fun in this condition. I can't wait until this blows over.

You know, I just read recently that the 4 biggest general stressors in life are 1. Relationships 2. Finances, 3.Health, and 4. Careers. Let's see, how many of these are in upheaval for us right now: check, check, check, and check. So am I stressed? A little; probably more than I feel. Actually I think I'm still in shock. Ask me in a month, and I'll probably be out of my gourd. At least I can talk to people about it now. No more's a relief.


David Sycamore said...

Congratulations JoDee! Having just completed our move here to Richmond, I can understand the stress. Remember when we could fit all of our worldly possessions in our luggage or your trunks? Boy, we have expanded! Good luck with everything! - Heather

Rach said...

I've been waiting for this blog post to come out! That's quite the posting there, three HUGE changes! Congrats on everything. And, don't forget you have family in town that is willing to help relieve some of the strees you're likely to encounter in the next month. Give us a call!

Maryle said...

Wow! I knew the first two, but the last is a suprise to me. Congrats!!! Wish I could be there to help. Love you!

Mel said...

When I read the title of your post, I knew exactly what this post was going to be about. I do know that movie--it is one of my favorites and I am sure I know a lot of those lines. So, thanks for spilling it. Now I don't have to keep my mouth shut any longer. :)

Congrats on all accounts. Let me know what I can do to help you out. I am afterall, just down the street.