Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well, We're back.

We just spent a little over a week at my Mother-in-law's home down in Mexico. It's a beautiful place just outside the small town of Chapala, which is a beautiful lakeside community up in the mountains not too far from Guadalajara. She bought this run down old, but beautifully architectured home and has been restoring and remodeling it for the past year or so. It's looking really nice too. She's finally to the point of landscaping the yard and putting on the finishing touches and it's very exciting to see all that she has done.

She also has a little motor bike that Alex has always loved driving, and the girls had a blast taking rides on. I do believe that was one of their favorite parts of the whole trip. We also took a day trip to Guadalajara and visited a lot of the street vendors there. So many fun crafts and talents, and native art. It was really fun to explore. Most everyone also took a day trip up into the mountains (to pay some taxes actually, but I understand the views were amazing.)

Other than that, it was just really nice to lay back, enjoy the removal from our daily grind, and have some time with the girl's Grandma Lynda. Banana Girl lovingly calls her "Pamba." We'll see if it sticks. She was a wonderful host, introduced us to some great local food, and even took me with her to her monthly Bunco game with a delightful group of other expat ladies that also live down there. It was really fun.

Our last day, we took a whirlwind trip to the beach to let Princess M get her feet wet a little before leaving. I wish we had taken both girls earlier in the week, but now we have some more ideas of things to do next time we come to visit. It was really sad to say goodbye. We're all going to miss Pamba and hope she will come to visit us before too long.

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