Sunday, November 8, 2009

September Pictures

Ok, I finally have all my cameras, memory cards, and pictures together in one place and can finish the month sum ups. Here's the highlights from September:

M is becoming quite the little mother. She mimics everything I do with Baby A with her own dolls; and when she can, wants to do everything for her sister as well. Here's a few pics of her "putting Baby A to bed":

I just LOVE the look in their eyes as they are looking at each other. Can they love each other like this forever? Please?

If you remember the recent post about M's friend problems, here's the pics of when we caught her with a butcher knife, trying to cut through the fense to her "friends" on the other side.

Don't worry, she's over this drama now.

September in Colorado means the Labor Day Balloon Festival.

Balloons inflate and take off in the very early hours of the morning, while it's still nice and chilly (if you're lucky and the weather isn't too cloudy or windy for them to take off at all.) We got there this year in time for the second wave of balloons to inflate and take off. It's so beautiful to walk among all the inflating balloons in a sea of fantastic colors.

They let you get right up close and watch the whole process:

And it's always exciting to see one takeoff into the sky.

M is becoming the photographer of our family. I think she got a shot of every balloon that dipped down to touch the lake. Most of them were pretty good shots.

Here's the whole family:

Baby A took her first steps! And before we knew it she was running.

Baby A turned 1 year old in September! I can still hardly believe it. Here's a couple pictures with presents:

And of course the very own personal first birthday cake:


Alex shares his birthday with Baby A. Unfortunately we didn't get a single shot of him on his birthday. It sad to be so overshadowed by such a beautiful little girl!

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Maryle said...

I miss you guys!!! I can't wait for Christmas. I can't believe that A is walking and 1 year old! Time goes by too fast.